Welcome to the New and exclusive 14th Avenue’s VIP service.

So, I hear you ask what is this service?

Here at 14th Avenue, we understand that a lot of people have been shielding. Yes, retailers will be opened but you may be a scared to go out into big crowds, maybe you have a disability and need a quieter environment, or you work 9-5.30. We have decided to offer a one-off shopping experience after hours.

We will offer this service from Monday to Thursday 6-8pm. You can select a 30-minute slot which suits your busy schedule. If you feel that you will need more than 30 minutes, then please contact us at 14thavenuedungannon@gmail.com and we will try and accommodate you. What makes this different than many retailers is that you will be the only customer in the shop. Create your own fashion show experience!

To book an appointment we will require a £10 deposit. This deposit will be refunded on completion of the appointment or it can be deducted of the cost of your purchase. If you cancel your appointment within a 48-hour notice, then your deposit will be returned in full. If you do not turn up for your appointment and you do not give us notice then you will lose your deposit.

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