Oversized Jumpers

When you are searching for comfort and style look no further than an oversized jumper to add to your wardrobe.  At 14th Avenue we have a unique collection available, with many already at sale price!

You may be already thinking surely if I order a few sizes bigger, that makes anything oversized right? Not necessarily, oversized is designed to give extra room around your torso, but will fit your arms without compromising on style or making you look like you ordered the wrong size. 

A common question we see is how do I style an oversized jumper? It can be easy to place them solely in the category of loungewear with their comfort fit, but rest assured they are versatile.

Leggings are arguably the original item of clothing in this style, boasting a tighter approach to their tailoring, they too are suitable for both social occasions and exercise, however in concept there are no pockets or tailoring additions that make them a “functional” piece of clothing, unlike the additions made to Joggers. The debate of Joggers vs Sweatpants will likely wage on for years and years to come…but there is a difference with Sweatpants being made from a different material and generally a looser fit, however the one glaring difference is in the name – Sweat Pant, they are designed to encourage the wearer to sweat where Joggers are tailored to keep the Jogger cool.

Embroidered Liberte Oversized Sweatshirt Jumper

Who doesn’t LOVE an oversized jumper especially on them
chilled out days watching Netflix while lying up at home?

This Liberte oversized sweater is simple and clean cut but it’s perfect with your jeans, tracksuit bottoms or skinny sports leggings.

304 Mens 50/50 Sweater Black

An update to the sweater game! This panel design sweater is perfect for a smart evening or weekend outfit. Silicone logo sleeve detail means this can be paired perfectly with the new Men’s Cargo Pant or our Nimes super skinny jeans.

The great thing is this 304 50/50 sweater is unisex. So, ladies you can go matching with your partner or just steal theirs. The question is do you wear yours baggy or more fitted?


Oh La La!! Then designer inspired jumper is the perfect item for your wardrobe. It’s just New into 14th Avenue! We are LOVING the repeated Dior print at the back of the sweater.

You can wear this gorgeous jumper with cycling shorts, skinny jeans, or leggings. It’s the perfect loungewear item but then again it can be very versatile.  

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