Leggings & Joggers

Although similar at a glance, there are a number of key differences between Leggings & Joggers which could and should influence your buying habits. What came first, the chicken or the egg… the Legging or the Jogger? Well, Joggers are an expansion of the Legging concept, expanded in that Joggers typically have a stretchy, expandable waistline which allows for less restricted movement WITH POCKETS! Their use is synonymous when exercising but also as a fashion statement in it’s own right.

Leggings are arguably the original item of clothing in this style, boasting a tighter approach to their tailoring, they too are suitable for both social occasions and exercise, however in concept there are no pockets or tailoring additions that make them a “functional” piece of clothing, unlike the additions made to Joggers. The debate of Joggers vs Sweatpants will likely wage on for years and years to come…but there is a difference with Sweatpants being made from a different material and generally a looser fit, however the one glaring difference is in the name – Sweat Pant, they are designed to encourage the wearer to sweat where Joggers are tailored to keep the Jogger cool.


Who doesn’t Love a two piece loungewear set. It’s comfortable and lightweight. When we get traveling this will be your perfect outfit!

Don’t forget loungewear is now acceptable for your daily wear. Whether it going to the shop, gym or for a walk then your kitted out.

Grey Bay Cuffed Jogger

This bay jogger will be your go to essential item. Who doesn’t like a chilled out look?

You can team them with a tee, hoody or a quarter zip depending on the weather. The bay joggers are slightly looser than our usual styles which we bring in.

Leggings & Joggers have simply never gone out of fashion, in fact there has been a notable rise in the gap between workout wear and day to day fashion being bridged with items such as Leggings and Joggers with the term “athleisure” being penned to underline this movement. With this comes more and more choice from different brands with, on occasion, a deep spectrum of variation between each label – the secret to any success in our opinion is to make sure it’s functional and comfortable and the rest will follow, however you should agree it is great to see some of the finer frills companies are developing to this “athleisure” concept and we’re intrigued to see where it goes over the course of time!

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