The new world of loungewear!

Unfortunately, the outbreak of covid has meant that we have entered a new age of working from home. Even tough some of us are heading back to the working environment a lot of businesses have realised that employees working from home will save money. So, this means the loungewear trend will continue! Some people will jump out of bed and start their working day in their pyjamas. A lot of people dress their upper half for business zooms and their lower half is in their loungewear. If there is one piece of advice, we will give you it would be get out of the PJ’s and get your loungewear on.

Working from home in proper clothes enables you to still look professional but your feeling comfy and cosy. We have picked out a few of our favourite loungewear pieces which are in store or they can be delivered to your door.

Slim Fit Joggers-Black

These skinny black joggers will be every woman’s go to clothing item and nothing beats having a comfy pair of new lounge joggers. They are a great way to refresh your wardrobe and they can be easily accessorised. You can make them seriously chic by pairing them with one of our slogan tees, oversized sweaters or go for one of are loose fitting cardigans. Wearing these joggers will keep you productive or keep you comfy for lying on the sofa.

Essential Slim Fit Joggers – Navy

In the words of our customers these are the best fitting and comfiest joggers that they have ever bought. Nimes are renowned for the fit of their joggers and jeans. These joggers come in numerous colours, but the only problem is that we cannot keep them instore or online as everyone goes crazy for them. The key feature to the Nimes essential joggers is that they are ankle grazer which is the modern-day feature which most males are looking.

White Heart Embroidered Jumper

Loungewear used to only be used for lounging around your house but now its all about styling a comfy item. Whether you are going for coffee, running a few errands, going for a walk or even work then this gorgeous jumper is perfect. You can pair it with sports leggings or jeans! This BWG white heart jumper is easy to style, it looks effortlessly chic and its so comfy. It is the perfect jeans and a nice top outfit.


304 Mens JTRP T-Shirt Grey

Join The Revolution T-Shirt series! This is the perfect core piece to throw on with any outfit this season. Whether you are lounging around the house in joggers or your PJ bottoms then this tee is your essential item. Its relaxed fit provides comfort and it’s ideal as many of us have added a few extra pounds due to covid.


Never be afraid to be daring with your style, have you checked out our Mustard Yellow Hooded Sweatshirt Multi Pom Cord? We adore the design of the drawstrings nearly as much as the loud colour, the multitone cluster style is bound to turn heads and represents a small aesthetic detail which is truly unique and refined.

Subdued tones prove to be really popular in our ranges however we have started adding more pastel style shades paired with lettering, certainly in our line of Sweats. We’re confident that you can find styles all year round that fit the season, we take pride in keeping on the pulse of what is changing and developing in the fashion world. Above all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking for a particular item, part and parcel of expanding our lines and trying new things is listening to what our customers love and what they’d like to see in the future!

Whoever said that diamonds are a girls bestfriend have clearly never stole their boyfriends oversized hoody. If your lying around the house then this is the comfiest loungewear item that you could wear and even better it is unisex. Ladies even team this hoody up with a pair of leggings and trainers. When your sitting on a computer all day then you need this hoody as its so comfortable, oversized and the baby pink colour will make you smile. Brighter colours put you in a good mood so this will make you more focused.

Here at 14th Avenue, we are all for wearing loungewear! If you need any tips or advice, send us a DM.

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